TCI Dental Laboratories

TCI Labs are full-service dental labs committed to provide the highest quality dental solutions

Clinician Solutions

We service clinics by offering crown & bridges, implants, and mouth guards / splints for dental health professionals

Dental Lab Solutions

We provide a range of dental lab products including custom implant parts, crowns, bridges, veneers, and more

Digital Dentistry

We incorporated 3D digital printing into our manufacturing workflow. Submit your scanned impressions today

About Us

Advanced Labs and Optimal Service

TCI Dental Laboratories are full-service dental labs which offer a complete range of leading-edge dental products for dentists and dental laboratories.

  • Highly skilled technicians
  • Quality manufacturing
  • Ongoing partnerships and satisfied clients

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3D Printing


3D Digital Printing

We offer computer-aided design and manufacturing services (CAD/CAM) as part of our Digital Dentistry service. Our process follows these steps:

Select a Product

Browse TCI product listings and / or contact us to inquiry about products and prices

Submit Medical Files

Submit your digital impression files through our website portal 

Product Manufacturing

Our laboratory will transform the submitted files into ready to use 3D modeled products

Product Delivery

Once the product is ready, it will be shipped to your requested destination

See the Difference

Why Choose Us?


Experts in Clinical Products

Our goal is to reduce complexity and simplify the product creation workflow for dental professionals

Up-to-date Technology

Our production CAD/CAM systems that work within a fully digital production facility enable us to create quality dental restorations

Full Adherence to Standards

Our processes are in line with the industry requirements, and we comply with the European Medical Devices directive standards 83/42/EEC.



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