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Our wide range of implant attachments is available as a compatible product for different renowned implant systems.
All products are FDA and CE certified SHOP ONLINE


Our specialty lays in our expertise in fabricating custom abutments, due to our possession of complete control over margin design, emergence profile, and angulation; this allows us to deliver an abutment and crown in perfect harmony with the soft tissue architecture.

Just send us your fixture level impression and we will take care of the rest. You will receive back the final crown, custom abutment and final screw,all for one highly competitive price.
Seek a quotation, and you will see that we provide dental products at the highest Quality/Price ratio available in the market.


Standard Abutments
Standard abutments are available in various designs for fabricating cemented or screw-retained single crowns and bridges. The abutment design is shaped like a prepared tooth and ensures easy, cost-effective fabrication of superstructures with minimal material reduction.
Zirconia Abutment
Thin tissue can transmit the unesthetic gray hue of the abutment to our eyes
The main reason I will choose a zirconia abutment
Custom Titanium Abutment
Custom abutments give technicians more control over esthetics and support. They give technicians yet another opportunity to design and build cases for success
Hybrid Abutment
Hybrid  abutment has the dual advantage of a machined titanium close-tolerance fitting surface with the implant and with the titanium retaining screw. The natural tooth colored zirconia custom abutment provides the ultimate in crown and bridge aesthetics
Screw Type Crown Cr-co

Make the crown to be retrievable  
Mimited occlusal height less than 4 mm
Implant in ideal position
No cement to deal with
Need for healthy tissue
Pre-milled Abutment
The most efficient way to manufacture custom abutments is to use Titanium blanks that already have the implant interface pre-machined. to ensure an accurate fit between the custom abutment and the implant.
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