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  Dental Laboratory Solutions
TCI offers high precision dental scanning solution by Medit .(ask for a quotation) The scaning and the design phase are carried by your technician,after which the STL export file is send to us for the milling process, conveniently speeding the process of creating your customised products.

Alternatively the dental lab can send us the plaster master model for scan, design and milling, leading to a total work frame of 48 hours.


TCI offers a wide range of prosthetic components compatible with the major implant brands in the market as well as customised CAD/CAM solutions and a wide range of materials (zirconia in four colours, polmethylmethacrylate (PMMA), cobalt chrome and titanium.)
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Zirconia By Doceram
Thin tissue can transmit the unesthetic gray hue of the abutment to our eyes
The main reason I will choose a zirconia abutment
lithium disilicate IPS E max
• Highly esthetic lithium disilicate glass ceramic
• Ingots are available in 3 levels of opacity
• Consistently high strength of 400MPa
• Anterior & posterior applications
• Stunning natural beauty
• Comprehensive shade range & bleach shades
• Optimized optical properties

TCI prostheses are manufactured in the Ti6Al4V alloy (Grade 5 Titanium).
which is only intended for use in the DENTAL FIELD

•Excellent mechanical resistance.
•Excellent response in the soft tissues.
TCI manufactures all types of structures in Titanium: from ABUTMENT TO  SCREW TYPE BRIDGE and bars.
Cobalt -chrome
The Cobalt Chrome that TCI  uses in its prostheses is a nickel-and berylium free chrome/cobalt disc ,the strong oxide provides optimum metal ceramic bonding
one of the remarkable features is the high corrosion resistance and biocompatibility
TCI PMMA (polymethyl methacrylate) is different from other plastic materials due to its greater translucence, ease of moulding and the possibility of surface repair BY doctors
cad/cam  provisional prostheses available in different colors are   high in esthtique and best  fit  , they provide comfort and satisfaction for the patient. (100% biocompatible, non-allergenic and free monomers product).
Burn Out Plastic
PolyCast Discs are used to mill embeddable, highly precise casting models for crown and bridge frameworks

The  high resistance  of the disc allows optimal thickness of walls  offering excellent service for Doctors who want to check the margine line and the fitting before casting .
Machinable wax  has been formulated to deliver high resolution detail. Since it is harder and has a higher melting temperature than most other waxes .
Resinenano Ceramic Lava
•  Less wear to opposing dentition than glass ceramics
•  Absorption of chewing forces which reduces stress
•  Adjustability for occlusion with additive or subtractive techniques
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